THF Signs Contract of Mandate with Turkish Taekwondo Federation to Support Kilis Refugee Camp



(October 21, 2017) - The Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) signed a contract of mandate with the Turkish Taekwondo Federation (TTF) with view of partnering in the operation of a taekwondo academy in Kilis refugee camp to the benefits of Syrian refugees.


The Kilis refugee camp was established in 2012 in the town of Kilis located near Turkey’s border with Syria, to accommodate victims of Syria’s ongoing civil war. In 2014, the Turkish Taekwondo Federation began to operate a taekwondo academy in the camp. Currently, there are more than 600 Syrian refugee children attending taekwondo classes which are offered up to 12 times a week.


With the signing of this contract, THF will take on the management of the academy, becoming the project owner, with TTF acting as an operational partner. This will allow THF to apply its academy structure, with guided education programmes and belt-passing systems.


Through this agreement, the two entities aim to promote Taekwondo as a powerful vehicle towards peace, social development and integration of vulnerable populations, notably refugees, in a manner that is respectful of the Olympic values, through the organisation of taekwondo classes and of related educational activities.

With the capacity of the academy estimated to expand to 1200 students, the Kilis project will become THF’s biggest ongoing project. An undertaking of such scope demands efficient coordination between all parties involved with all duties and responsibilities of both TTF and THF being clearly defined and presented in the contract.


Under the terms of the contract, TTF will organise taekwondo classes for refugees living at Kilis Refugee Camp both for children and teenagers and report progress made back to THF through videos, photos and activity reports. TTF will also be in charge of selecting additional instructors to expand the capacity of taekwondo classes and carry out the trainings.


THF’s main obligations lie within financial support of taekwondo instructors and provision of taekwondo equipment for the refugees taking part in the project. Furthermore, THF is also responsible for implementing its curriculum (taekwondo training & educational programme) and guidelines in the academy by introducing them and explaining them to the coaches. Finally, THF will have to conduct monitoring and evaluation practices to assess the project’s outcomes, impact, and performance.


It is the third taekwondo academy project that THF is running in a refugee camp, with other academies operating in Azraq refugee camp, Jordan and Kiziba refugee camp, Rwanda.