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Rules & Sanctions

World Taekwondo is committed to establishing and implementing policies, procedures, rules, and regulations that enable participants in the Taekwondo Movement to practice Taekwondo in a clean, fair, safe, and respectful environment.

Acknowledging the danger to sports integrity from doping, the manipulation of sports competitions, and harassment and abuse, governing documents have been developed. These documents and their periodic amendments have been enacted by the WT Council in accordance with the WT Statutes. You can access them through the links below.

WT Rules (All)


Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions


World Taekwondo reaffirms its commitment to safeguard the integrity and reputation of Taekwondo worldwide and to respect and apply the Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance within the Olympic Movement.

For a list of doping-related, visit here.

For a outcomes of non-doping-related disciplinary sanctions, see the table and related decisions below.

Non-Doping Sanctions as of 2024.01.01

Decision DM 21-046(61)

Decision DM 21(22)-076

Decision DM 22-100

Decision DM 22-101

Decision DR 19-017

Decision DR 19-018

Decision DR 20-004