World Taekwondo Global Integrity Unit

World Taekwondo Global Integrity Unit

Welcome to the World Taekwondo Global Integrity Unit (GIU).

Integrity in sport is built on a foundation of fair play, transparency, respect, safety, inclusivity, and zero tolerance for corruption.

As an Olympic International Federation, WT believes that a culture of integrity is vital for maintaining the trust and respect of fans, athletes, other stakeholders, and the wider community.

A culture of integrity helps ensure that athletes can compete in a safe environment and on a level playing field. It helps ensure that members can be confident that key decisions are being made in a fair and impartial way for the best interest of our sport. And it helps ensure sponsors and other stakeholders that they are working with a trustworthy and reliable partner.

The mission of the WT GIU is to promote a culture of integrity throughout the World Taekwondo ecosystem by establishing the necessary rules, mechanisms, and resources, and growing awareness and capacity worldwide.

The GIU supports the WT’s Integrity and Juridical Committees to ensure that WT’s governance and integrity-related regulations reflect best practice standards.

The GIU also works with Regional and Event Integrity and Safeguarding officers in order to build awareness and ensure effective monitoring and enforcement.

And the GIU manages investigations and disciplinary actions for integrity-related issues other than anti-doping (which is managed in partnership with the International Testing Agency and the CAS Anti-Doping Panel). Integrity-related issues include harassment and abuse, manipulation of competition, and other violations of WT’s ethical codes and standards.

WT GIU Terms of Reference