World Taekwondo excels in Fifth ASOIF Governance Review and maintains A2 ranking


(Jun. 25, 2024) – World Taekwondo maintained its excellence in the Fifth ASOIF Governance Review with an A2 ranking in three consecutive editions, and ranked 12th out of 32 International Sports Federations (IFs) in the Olympic Programme.


World Taekwondo scored a total of 198 from the 60 indicators in the 2023-2024 review, with overall improvements higher than the mean. Its improved score by 45 points from the last review was one of the highest among the IFs. In terms of IFs of similar staffing size, World Taekwondo secured the second highest total, while the federation scored the highest among IFs with the same annual revenue category.


“I am proud that World Taekwondo has once again scored A2 in the ASOIF Governance Review,” Dr. Chungwon Choue, president of World Taekwondo. “In fact, we performed much better than the last review, which gives me confidence that we can break through to the highest possible level of A1 in the next review.”


World Taekwondo was among the Top-10 IFs in 12 out of 40 indicators, particularly in the Transparency, Democracy, and Development sections. The Fifth ASOIF Governance Review highlighted World Taekwondo’s strength in decision-making authority at different levels and financial transparency according to the International Financial Reporting Standards. The review also noted World Taekwondo as a role model in sustainability-focused topics such as gender equality strategy and diversity monitoring, equal participation opportunities, athlete rights, development programme, and social responsibility.


The President noted that this year marked 30 years since Taekwondo was accepted as an Olympic sport at the Centennial Olympic Congress in Paris in 1994. He thanked the World Taekwondo Family for the excellent showing in the Fifth ASOIF Governance Review, which is possible through the unity and dedication from everyone involved.