WT Sustainability Award 2023: Call for Applications


Join the WT Sustainability Award 2023 and Showcase Your Impact!
We invite our esteemed Member National Associations (MNAs) to participate in the WT Sustainability Award 2023, highlighting their impactful initiatives in the following categories:

1. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and Community
2. Environmental Sustainability
3. Health & Well-being


This award is open exclusively to our MNAs, who play a pivotal role in driving our sustainability journey. MNAs are invited to apply for more than one award category.


Application Period
Applications are open from September 11 to October 13, 2023, and are welcome in English, Spanish, Arabic, or French.


How to Apply:

1. Review the award criteria here and prepare your application.
2. Access the application exclusively through this link: Apply here


All shortlisted finalists will have their initiatives featured with descriptions on our official webpage.
Shape a Brighter Future Through Sustainability. Share your journey with the world!