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Global Cities Assembled in Lausanne as WTF Hosted Partnership Workshop for WTF Events 2017-2021

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LAUSANNE, Switzerland (June 29, 2016) -The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) successfully hosted the first ever Partnership Workshop in the Olympic Capital, Lausanne, as the federation aims to increase dialogue and collaboration with potential hosts of its events between 2017 and 2021.


The two-day Partnership Workshop was attended by more than 40 participants from global cities. The workshop was held under the title of “WTF Events, Why and How Bid?” and was facilitated by the WTF to provide an opportunity for the federation and potential bidders to understand and clarify each other’s expectations and objectives from the earliest stage of the WTF’s new bidding procedure.


The workshop begun with a presentation delivered by Head of Candidature Services of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Mr. Mattias Kaestner, who, speaking on behalf of the IOC, outlined the importance of a collaborative bid process in order to maximize success. Following the presentation, ASOIF Executive Director Mr. Andrew Ryan addressed the delegates and congratulated the WTF on the workshop.


WTF President Chungwon Choue said: “We are establishing a strong foundation on which the WTF and bidders can work together to build successful and sustainable WTF events in the future.”


Emphasizing the uniqueness of the renewed bidding process, Choue added “Our partners are now able to incorporate their own mid-term or long-term strategies into hosting WTF events for the next five years. This is an unprecedented step for us but we strongly believe that it is the best approach to take and one that will allow the WTF and its partners to get the very most out of WTF events.”


Previous organizers of WTF events also participated as speakers at the workshop. Mr. Steve Flynn from the United Kingdom (Organizer of 2015 World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series 3 Manchester) and Mr. Gabriel Ramos from Mexico (Organizer of 2013 World Taekwondo Championships Puebla and 2015 Grand Prix Final) shared with potential bidders their experiences of delivering successful WTF events and the positive impact hosting the events had on their cities and countries.


On top of the presentations, potential bidders took full advantage of the Question and Answer sessions to share their expectations and learn more about the requirements of delivering successful WTF events.


The bid application for WTF events between 2017 and 2021 will be opened on 22 July and remain open until 21 October. Host cities for up to 34 WTF events will be selected at the WTF Council Meeting which is to be held in conjunction with 2016 World Taekwondo Junior Championships in Burnaby, Canada in November.


To see the report: WTF Partnership Workshop Report



A Keynote Speech was delivered by Mr. Mattias Kaestner,Head of Candidature Services of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)





The WTF provided an opportunity for the federation and potential bidders to build sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships from the earliest stage of the new bidding procedure.