World Taekwondo President meets newly appointed Committee Chairs



SEOUL, Korea (Sep. 21, 2023) - World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue today met with the newly appointed Committee Chairs via video conference to ensure alignment between all the Committees and develop a coordinated plan for the years ahead.


President Choue reiterated that everyone in World Taekwondo must continually strive for excellence and how important it is that the Committee’s work is aligned with the federation’s overall objectives.


President Choue said:

“The past two cycles of the Committees have been somewhat disrupted due to the pandemic. During this time, we had the chance to rethink, review, and reset ourselves. Now, we restart our mission to be the most respected International Federation in the Olympic and Paralympic movements. I want you, the Committee Chairs, to develop key milestones of your Committees from now until the end of 2025. But I don’t want you to do it individually. First of all, I want the Committees to work closely with the respective departments. Furthermore, our Sustainability Strategy and its milestones are the guiding document and should be integrated where appropriate.”


President Choue addressed each Chair individually to outline his expectations and discuss their plans for their committees. With Technical Commission and Games Committee Chair Mohamed Shaaban President Choue emphasised the importance of delivering the best possible competitions, especially the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. President Choue asked Education Committee Chair Hassan Sadok to study how to expand the education programmes to reach a wider audience. For Athletes’ Committee Co-Chair Cheick Sallah Cisse, President Choue reiterated the importance of ensuring the athlete voice is represented and asked the Committee to make sure there is awareness of key initiatives for athletes. Coach Committee Chair Robert Taaffe was tasked with offering technical expertise to the competition rule making process and serving the voices of the coaches. Lastly, Finance Committee Chair Pimol Srivikorn was asked to make the financial system more automated and contribute ideas to new sources of revenue.


World Taekwondo Secretary General Jeongkang Seo gave a brief update from Mexico from the World Para Taekwondo Championships.


World Taekwondo Sport and Event Management Department Senior Director Jay Lee then provided a short presentation on the key events this year and next year.


President Choue will meet with the remaining Committee Chairs on October 5.