Goseong 2022 World Taekwondo Octagon Diamond Games looks to the future


GOSEONG, Korea (Dec. 18, 2022) - The Goseong 2022 World Taekwondo Octagon Diamond Games concluded in spectacular style today after three-days of intense competition which provided a glimpse of what Taekwondo could look like in the future.


The demonstration competition saw athletes compete in an octagonal structure for the first time ever providing a boundary for athletes to utilise for additional power and acrobatic techniques. Over the three days, athletes, who fought as individuals, as pairs and as teams of five, attempted a wide array of awe-inspiring and gravity-defying kicks to secure points.


The dramatic action was given an added sense of spectacle and excitement with the introduction of gamification effects to the broadcast. Viewers at home were transported to their favourite esports as cutting edge technology was integrated into the electronic protectors and competition management systems to provide gamification effects over the real-life action.


Speaking following the competition, World Taekwondo Chungwon Choue said:


“It was fantastic to trial a number of new innovations at the Goseong 2022 World Taekwondo Octagon Diamond Games. At World Taekwondo we are always looking at how we can evolve and adapt to make our sport as attractive as possible, particularly to the younger generations. In an increasingly digital world, it is vital that we continually push boundaries and embrace new technologies while staying true to our values that have made our sport so successful for so many years. This was just a showcase and further study of the innovations here in Goseong are necessary but it does serve to show just how much exciting opportunity there is for Taekwondo in the future.”