Taekwondo from 30, a gift for your body

(April 14, 2021) - Imagine having a sport that helps you maintain a good balance between body, mind and spirit. That as you do some of the most complete exercises that exist you are developing self-knowledge, self-esteem, balance and confidence. That would be great, wouldn't it? Well, I have good news: this sport exists and is for all ages.


In this article, we will focus on the benefits of the sport and art of taekwondo for you. And why do we say art if it is a sport like any other in the Olympic program? Because the control that is achieved in the movements, gives rise to the art of body movement; the body is the tool to achieve freedom and the beauty of movement. The benefits of taekwondo for physical and mental health are overwhelming, both in adults and in adolescents and children.

It can be practiced from 3 years to 100, as long as there are specific classes for these ages.


Playing taekwondo helps maintain a good physical and mental balance, which other activities do not provide. Martial arts are based on Eastern philosophy, which focuses on being, on self-development from the inside out, and it’s all through body work and movement awareness. All this work triggers a very special internal development. The attitude of martial arts is healing in itself.

Our Western culture focuses more on "having" and we tend to seek approval abroad, longing for quick results. Martial arts culture, on the other hand, focuses on being, so the work and the results will take longer to arrive and we will have to invest more in ourselves. Practicing taekwondo can have many benefits when it comes to helping us manage certain emotions such as anger, anger, anxiety and stress.


However, there is no more valid reason than another to begin with. It’s never too late and you can start at the time you want, you just need a little willpower and perseverance to immerse yourself in a job focused on improving your body technique. Taekwondo works especially the lower body train, from the abdomen to the feet. Coordination, power and elasticity make it one of the most complete aerobic exercises on the sports scene. By developing your skills and overcoming your own limits, taekwondo will provide you with exactly what you need at every moment of your life.


Benefits of taekwondo that will mark your lifestyle:


The fitness aspect of taekwondo is very important, combining a complete aerobic and anaerobic training to maintain good physical condition and overall health. However, it is important to be aware that at first it is not easy to keep up with a class. Because of all this, several studies have placed taekwondo among the sports activities that have the highest caloric expenditure, and it is important that there are classes according to age. With constancy, you will end up seeing improvements in your balance, agility, flexibility, endurance, strength, posture and reflexes, and you will also see how your body tones.



People often refuse to practice this sport for fear of not reaching the level of what is traditionally known as martial arts. However, as you consolidate your training and see that you can perform your routines better and better, your confidence increases, because you realize that you can achieve goals you had never set before.



Not only does it improve your fitness, it is also a method of personal development. The ultimate goal of taekwondo is self-improvement through bodily technical perfection; you become aware of your potential and become the best version of yourself, both in the gym and in life.



Over the years, our bodies age and slow down in our movements and our ability to assimilate and remember information. However, the practice of taekwondo reduces the levels of loss of muscle and elasticity, which is usually accentuated over the years, with very optimal results for our nervous system, thus delaying cell degeneration.



One of the foundations of taekwondo is to gain freedom of movement through constant work of elasticity throughout the body. The benefits of these exercises from the age of 30 are vital for body well-being and injury prevention.



Coordination work is one of the keys to relieving stress and promoting concentration in movement. This work will give you freedom of movement in your daily life or in other sports you practice.



Through the exercises, you work on what you are doing and the result is an improvement in concentration, which is very applicable in the daily social sphere. Through attack techniques, you will work on focus and attention. This is one of the best weapons against stress. Exercising with focused attention will open up a field of more emotional inner stability.


These are some of the benefits we can experience if we dare to practice such a complete sport. This discipline favors people with integral development, both body and mind. However, in order to reach the desired levels and see real changes in us, we need to be consistent in their practice and training.