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WTF holds workshop with recognized companies

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The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) organized this Friday a workshop with representatives of 13 recognized companies for Taekwondo equipment in official events, where they discussed about improvements of the gear and the recognition process in the future.


The President Chungwon Choue along with the Director General Jinbang Yang, who gave the opening speech of the event held at the Headquarters of the WTF.


One of the main topics of the workshop was the ‘World Taekwondo’ Branding and the importance of positioning it globally for the growth of the sport.


The companies had an opportunity to present their ideas and pitch possible changes that could help improve the sport in the future. They also participated in the discussion of a possible expansion of the recognition contract period.


IMG_1164 copyAt the end of the event, President Choue gave each of the companies an appreciation plaques and a Recognition Certificate before having a photo session and a celebratory toast during the dinner time at the Koreana Hotel.