WT Marketing Agency_RFP

Request for Proposal (RFP)


World Taekwondo (WT, is looking for a marketing agency.


I. Objectives of WT Marketing

  • To ensure the independent financial stability of WT, and thereby to assist in the worldwide promotion of taekwondo.
  • To create and maintain long-term marketing programs, and thereby to ensure the financial security of WT and taekwondo.
  • To ensure that the WT events can be experienced by the maximum number of people throughout the world.



II. Schedule & Procedure of Proposal

  • August 23 : Registration for Orientation and Q&A Session
    • The bidders wishing to participate in the Session should send email with the participant’s name, title, email address, and mobile number to no later than August 23.
    • For logistical reasons, only registered bidders are allowed to participate in the Session. In case too many bidders apply, registration can be controlled by first-come-first-served basis.


  • August 28 : Orientation and Q&A Session in WT Headquarters (Seoul Korea) at 14:00


  • October 4 : Registration for Bid
    • The bidders wishing to be selected should send email with the participant’s name, title, email address, and mobile number to no later than October 4.


  • October 15 : Submission of Proposal and Presentation in WT Headquarters (Seoul Korea) at 14:00
    • Proposal submission of 8 hard copies and the soft copy in a USB drive
    • 20 minute presentation and 20 minute Q&A per bidder



III. Content of Proposal

The proposal should consist of below. (20 to 30 slides in MS PPT)

  1. 3C Analysis (Company, Consumer, & Competitor) : 3 to 4 slides
  2. ERRC Analysis (Eliminate, Reduce, Raise, & Create) : 4 to 5 slides
  3. What to do (Overall) : 1 to 3 slides
  4. What to do (Sponsorship) : 1 to 2 slides
  5. What to do (TV & Media) : 1 to 2 slides
  6. What to do (Merchandising) : 1 to 2 slides
  7. What to do (Ticketing) : 1 to 2 slides
  8. What to do (New Initiatives) : 1 to 5 slides
  9. Yearly Target Revenue until 2024 : 1 slide
  10. Agency Commission Rate (%) : 1 slide
  11. Introduction of Bidder : 1 slide
  12. Human Resources for the Project : 1 slide
  13. Additional Suggestions (if any) : 1 to 2 slide



IV. Evaluation and Others

  • Proposals will be evaluated by WT and its selection committee.
  • Any proposal may be rejected if it is late, conditional, incomplete or deviates from the specifications in the RFP. WT reserves the right to request additional information or discussion or presentation in support of the written proposal.
  • The selected agency will be evaluated again in February 2020 based on the report by the agency submitted by the end of January 2020.
  • WT will decide based on the report whether the agency works with WT further or not.


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