World Taekwondo Poomsae Open Challenge Series concludes with spectacular Final


SEOUL, Korea (December 27, 2021) - The spectacular Online 2021 World Taekwondo Poomsae Challenge Final brought to a close the first ever virtual Poomsae series which ran throughout 2021 and delivered Taekwondo competition to thousands of people around the world.


The Final, on 1-23 December, drew the top eight finishing athletes from each category of the previous three Open Challenges from 2021. A total of 459 athletes from 43 countries competed across 54 categories in the Final, split into two divisions: National Team category and Open category.


The full results from the final can be found here


World Taekwondo Chungwon Choue said:

“The 2021 World Taekwondo Poomsae Challenge has been a great success and allowed Taekwondoin of all ages and abilities to practice the sport competitively, wherever they are. This month’s grand final brought together the best performers from throughout the series. Across both the National and Open divisions, they showed just how much Taekwondo talent there is globally. However, the Poomsae Open Challenge is not just about the best: it is about everyone coming together practicing Taekwondo and having fun.”


The National Team division was split across 22 categories in the Final:

  • Individual (Recognized Poomsae / Freestyle Poomsae)
    •  Recognized Poomsae–Cadet (12-14) & Junior (15-17)
    • Recognized Poomsae –Senior (Under 30, Under 40, Under 50, Under 60, Under 65, and Over 65)
    • Freestyle Poomsae –Cadet (12-14) & Junior(15-17)
    • Freestyle Poomsae–Senior (Over 17)

The Open division was split across 32 categories:

  • Individual (Recognized Poomsae)
    • Children (Under 8, Under 10, Under 12), Cadet (12-14)& Junior (15-17)
    • Senior (Under 30, Under 40, Under 50, Under 60, Under 65, Under 70 and Over 70)
  • Pair & Team (Recognized Poomsae)
    • Family Pair (6 divisions): Sibling/Couple/Father + Daughter/Father +Son/Mother + Daughter/Mother + Son
    • Family Team A (3 Family members, 2 Generations)
    • Family Team B (3 Family members, 3 Generations)


The Open Challenge series began in March with an official category for Junior national team athletes (15-17 years old) and an Open Category for Junior to individual category and families to participate in pairs and teams. In June, the Open Challenge II was open to families in pairs and teams as well as to Cadets and refugees. The Open Challenge III again included categories for families in pairs and teams.


Total 1,746 athletes from 67 nations competed during the Open Challenge series I, II, III and Final.


The series was launched to build on the great success of the first-ever Online World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships held in November 2020.