[KYORUGI] 121st Kyorugi IR Seminar & 136th Kyorugi IR Refresher course (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Date: April 1, 2023 ~ April 4, 2023


**Qualification of Participation**

  • 121st Kyorugi International Referee Seminar
    • The applicant must be 21 years (The age is calculated based on the year when the International Referee Seminar is held).
    • Holder of Global Official License (“GOL”)
    • The applicant should have completed prerequisite WT Online Kyorugi Referee Training Program
    • Holder of Kukkiwon / WT Certificate of 4th Dan or higher, or 1st Dan or higher Dan holder for female. However, 2nd Dan or 3rd Dan holder may attend the Seminar on recommendation of the President of the newly affiliated National Association undergoing Taekwondo Development.
    • Newly affiliated National Association or of the National Association undergoing Taekwondo development:
      • Member National Associations that are provisional members of the WT
      • Member National Associations the period of whose membership in the WT does not exceed two years since its recognition as a full member
      • Member National Associations that are included in the list of the “Least Developed Countries” designated by the United Nations.
      • Member National Associations with the total number of 3rdclass and P class International Kyorugi referees not exceeding ten (10) irrespective of the number of International Kyorugi referees of 2ndclass and higher.
      • Holder of national Referee certificate by the pertinent National Associations. However, the applicant from the newly affiliated National Association which does not have the referee certificate system may attend the Seminar with the letter of the president of the pertinent National Association confirming that there is no national referee certificate system in the pertinent country.
      • The applicant who was recommended by the pertinent National Association and have signature of the president in the application form for International Referee Seminar.
      • The one who has command of oral and written English
  • 136th Kyorugi International Referee Refresher Course
    • Holder of WT International Kyorugi Referee Certificate
    • Holder of Global Official License (“GOL”)

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