[CANCELLED] 2nd Poomsae Technical Training Program (Algiers, Algeria)_Onsite course
Date: February 27, 2023 ~ February 28, 2023


**Course description(Aims to) Organizing Poomsae Practical (movement) Training Porgram (2-days program) in conjunction schedule with Poomsae IR Seminar & Poomsae IR Refresher course; to deliver Physcial Training followed by "Scoring Criteria" of WT Poomsae Championships.


**This course is NOT a mandatory course to go to IR Seminar. 

   However, this is ONLY program contains Physcial Training followed by Scoring Criteria of each Poomsae of the WT Poomsae Championships. 

**There will be "NO" physcial training session on Poomsae IR Seminar & Poomsae IR Refresher Course. 


** Registration fee: USD 200 (Two Hundred U.S. Dollar) 

    However, if you may register with Poomsae IR Seminar or Poomsae IR Refresher Course, it will be USD 100 (One Hundred U.S. Dollar)


** Click Here to go for registration