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Condolence Letter on the Occasion of Kumamoto Earthquake

April 17, 2016

Dear All Japan Taekwondo Association,

On behalf of the entire global taekwondo families, I wish to express my sincere condolences to the Japanese people at this time.

The terrible loss of lives due to the most devastating earthquake is inconceivable, and all taekwondo families are with the families and relatives as they try to come to terms with such a tragic incident.

Please convey the support of the whole Taekwondo family to those affected. The WTF will fully support All Japan Taekwondo Association in overcoming this tragedy.

I also wish fast recovery of the injured persons and also hope that the families and relatives of the lost lives will be given strengths to bear these difficult times.

With sympathy,

Chungwon Choue


World Taekwondo Federation