44th Lotto Dutch Open Taekwondo Championships 2017


    ORGANIZING Committee : Dutch Taekwondo Federation

    Executive event manager
    Mr. Rakesh Gajadhar
    Dutch Taekwondo Federation
    Mobile : +31614126969
    E-mail : r.gajadhar@taekwondobond.nl
    Webpage : www.tkd-dutchopen.com

    Regular entry fee period will end on 5th March 2017, 18:00 p.m. Local Dutch Time.

    The online registration is only TEAM Registration and available for registered Club/Region Admins. If you wish to be an admin in the GMS please contact your National Federation administrator.

    Registration is only accepted through the WTF Event Registration system https://www.hangastar.com/WTF/ and is only possible with an approved 2017 WTF Global Licence.

    The following documents are required for all participants (athletes and officials) to be uploaded and approved by the National Federation and WTF before you are able to register yourself or your team through the WTF Event Registration System. Those documents are:

    1. Valid National ID or Passport of the National Federation you are registering for a WTF Global Licence.
    2. Colour Portrait ID picture. Additional documents required for
    3. To register a Doctor – Proof of Medical Doctor/Physio therapist certificate in English