Bidding Guidelines and Procedure for World Taekwondo GP



This guide is intended for any World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Member National Association (MNA), city, region, event organizer or commercial body that would be interested in bidding for the World Taekwondo GP for the year 2014 but may also bid for a 3 year period, 2014-2016. The World Taekwondo GP must be organized by a Local Organizing Committee (LOC), which can be composed of any one or a combination of the above-mentioned bodies.
The World Taekwondo GP Series, which is a G4 ranked event, is held in the second half of the year to determine the top athletes in Taekwondo. It culminates in the World Taekwondo GP Final, which always takes place in December, where athletes compete for the ranking points in a G8 ranked event.
Each event of the World Taekwondo GP, featuring the best Taekwondo athletes competing for ranking points, promises a thrilling contest and an unforgettable visual spectacle for spectators and TV audience.
The following document outlines the concept of the World Taekwondo GP and provides the approved framework for organizing the event. Included herein, are the general rights and obligations for the selected host, and the bidding process to host the World Taekwondo GP Series or Final from 2014 to 2016.
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