SEOUL, Korea (March 21, 2018) – WT Poomsae Committee Meeting took place from 20 March to 21 March at the WT Headquarters. Full committee members had a discussion for improving Poomsae Taekwondo.
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TAEKWONDO MALAYSIA ORGANIZES FUNDRAISING RUN FOR REFUGEES MARCH 15, 2018 / INFO@THFAID.ORG / Innovative fundraising and promotional activities for THF took place in margin of the Malaysia Open Taekwondo Championships, which were co-organized by World Taekwondo, Taekwondo Malaysia and the Asian Taekwondo Union in...
 (RHODES, Greece) – March 6, 2018 – The World Taekwondo Beach Championships will take place for the second time on the historic island of Rhodes, Greece on 25-28 April 2018 as World Taekwondo continues to develop the exciting new...
(March 9, 2018) - World Taekwondo has created a working group to explore taekwondo’s inclusion in the Commonwealth Games for Birmingham 2022 and beyond. Following the Olympic success of Bianca Walkden, Lutalo Muhammad and Jade Jones at London 2012 and...
Outline_Canada IRS/IRRC Canada Seminar Information Package 1. Application form for the 102nd Kyorugi IRS & the 37th Poomsae IRS 2. Application form for the 116th Kyorugi IRRC & the 35th Poomsae IRRC 3. Application form for Coach (Observer)
Canada IR Seminar/ IR refresher Program
Outline_Senegal IRS/IRRC 1. Application form for the 101st Kyorugi IRS & the 36th Poomsae IRS 2. Application form for the 115th Kyorugi IRRC & the 34th Poomsae IRRC 3. Application form for Coach (Observer)
2018 Education IR Seminar/IR refresher course calendar

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